Last day to save and other news

Greetings and salutations podlings!

If you missed the announcement on our Facebook and Instagram Friday we are a having a weekend sale in honor of Harry Potter's birthday. You can use the code HBHP on orders of $70. This code is good for all items in store, except digital items, including discount items. Make sure you get you shopping in because the code will expire tonight at 11:59 pm.

Shipping has become an issue for us. On two occasions we delivered packages to our post office only for them to stay listed as pre-shipment for several days. The first time we addressed this concern we were told that sometimes packages get missed in scanning but that the package would likely show movement at it's next destination. The second time we were told that package scanning is not done at our PO location due to low employee numbers, this means if the package goes missing they are not responsible because it shows as them having never had contact with the package. On both occasions, mere hours after inquiry, both packages suddenly showed as accepted. Because of this the only way to guarantee that all packages get scanned and accounted for is to schedule them for pickup. With porch piracy on the rise having scheduled pickups usually mean that one of us has to stay upstairs to insure the mail carrier is the one who takes our items. This of course slows down production a great deal, to combat this we are going to schedule pickups. For a regular work week, like this one, pickups will be scheduled twice a week on Monday and Friday. For rush weeks or holiday weeks, pickups will be scheduled Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Saturday shipments will only occur for those who have chosen priority express.

We are heading into a new quarter which means we will be changing gears as far as scents go. Our signature scent Bloomin' Faeries will remain available but a few other items will be going away until next season as usual:

Lavender Buds 8 left

Rose Petals 8 left

Lavender Linen 5 left

Lavender Lemonade 2 left

Flower Child 4 left

Citrus Drop 1 left

Lime in the coconut

Tobacco Rose 11 left

Beach Dreams 4 left

Once Bitten calamine 16 left

Kitten 15 left

Remaining in limited stock is:

Beauty & The Beat

Bohemian Raspberry

Amas Veritas

There Be Dragons

Unicorn Horn

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